All Inverter range models are equipped with the exclusive S.R.R (Noise Reduction System) patent that, on a permanent magnet motor with direct current, controlled by an INVERTER, assures 60% noise reduction: it represents a new characteristic on a worldwide basis; NEBES is the first company that has applied and patented it.

Other important features characterising NEBES machines are the following:
Very low heating of motor and rotary parts, due to lower number of revolutions of the rotor (from 1800 to 4000 rev/min)
Lower number and higher thickness of gears for a very long mechanical tranquillity
Brushes replacement after about 1500 working hours
Cast iron pulleys: they allow to use lubro-refrigerant sprays during cut.

The items:

Item Power Cutting Sp. RPM Blade
TM85 1000 W 30+80 1325 mm
TM275 CD+R 750/975 W 46/92 2450 mm
TM101 PLUS 1010 W 30+80 1335 mm
TM125 Inverter 1010 W 30+80 1440 mm
TM176 Inverter 2000 W 30+80 1735 mm
TM178 Inverter 2000 W 30+80 1735 mm
TM195 Inverter 2000 W 30+80 2040 mm
TM205 Inverter 2500 W 30+80 2080 mm
TM275 Inverter 3000 W 30+80 2450 mm