TM195 Inverter

Inverter Band saws MACHINE

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_G5A9970 Spare Blades:
2040 x 20 x 0,90 cm

The smallest industrial belt saw having a 170 mm cutting capacity, forced lubrication and a base made of reinforceing sheet metal. Suitable for occasional heavy-duty usage.
  • Inverter
  • Garanzia 1 anno
  • Riduzione del rumore

  • Cast iron structure
  • Adjustable cutting angle ranging from 0° to 60°
  • Lightweight structure with double taper bearing and cam for a cutting precision
  • Permanent magnet motor, brushes replacement approximately every 1500 working hours
  • Continuous cutting speed change
  • Practical belt tension adjustment system
  • Single-phase supply 230 volt

Cutting Capacity

Ø 170 mm Ø 130 mm Ø 80 mm
170×170 mm 130×130 mm 80×80 mm
180×170 mm 130×130 mm 80×80 mm

Technical information

Art. Hp* W* Volt cutting speed m/sec Blade size mm Max ap. weight packaging cm
TM195 Inverter 2,651~ 2000 230 30+80 2040x20x0,90 180 111 103x65x135

* Since we are speaking about DC motors, the power values being indicated herein shall be considered as equivalent powers referred to AC motors. In the latter case, the actual consumption is approximately lower than to 50 %.

Guides and Manuals

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ru-rulliera RU1 – ROLLER STAND 1m
ru1-2appoggio 2° FEET

Spare parts

_G5A9970 Spare Blades:
2040 x 20 x 0,90 cm

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