The Nebes Metal cutting Band Saw Machines

1) PORTABLES BAND SAW : 1335 and 1440 mm blades
The range of portable Nebes band saws is the answer for the on-the-move professional on worksite.
2) SEMI-PORTABLES : 1735 mm blade
This range of machine was studied for artisans working on a small, medium profile but who are looking for saws capable of sustaining periods of intense and continuous work.
3) CAST IRON INDUSTRIAL MACHINE: development blade from 2040, 2080 and up to 2450 mm
This range of band saw machine is studied for an intense and industrial usage. All Nebes cast iron band saw offer and guarantee a precision cut without equal: an orthogonality of less than 3hundreths of a millimeter on a 100mm cut. Nebes is proud to inform you that this kind of machines are our flagship.

The series: