Combined Grinders

These are the perfect tools for metal workers: on one side a grinding wheel  for the first raw grinding and, on the other side the possibility to assembly or a brush for cleaning or polishing rod for the finishing. Each range, with the already well established features that represent the highest level of completely “Made in Italy” machinery for every user.

We advise you read attentively the catalogue section of our website to determine which machine is best suited to your needs. The common denominator in all our machinery

is the total absence of vibrations together with powerful motors permits our machinery to be used for prolonged periods and for heavy work. Produced completely in our Serravalle a Po workshops with 2 powerful independent 3,000W engines and a Japanese double inverter, projected for heavy site work. After many years of experience, apart from our existing production, we are able to design and construct machinery to a client’s specific needs or design, or to modify existing models for particular needs or applications.

The series: