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_G5A9850 BRUSHES 150x20x16 mm
_G5A9888 SWITCHES (109A)

Nebes has come up with an answer to client request for a polisher  (completely Made In Italy) that offers maximum performance at a minimum price while not cutting corners on the renowned Nebes precision and trustworthiness. A bimetallic thermal guard inserted internally in the copper coiling constantly protects the motor and saves it from eventual overload guaranteeing a virtually unlimited life. Constructed in injected die-cast aluminum, these machines are available in 150 230 v single phase or, on request, 400 three phase and are delivered without polisher rod.  Nothing left to chance in Nebes polisher , even in the smaller range!

Technical information

Art. Hp W RPM Brushes mm weight packaging cm
P-200T SPECIAL LINE 1,00 3~ 750 2800 150x20x16 15,5 63x21x29

Special Line is supplied without brushes. P 200 T  with 3 phases motors is connected at 400 V but can be wired at 230 V on request.

P 200 M single phase is connected at 230 V.

Guides and Manuals

Sorry, but this data is not currently available online.
For any information, please contact Nebes sending an email to info@nebes.it.


CVE1 B-200
ac1-1 AC-1
_G5A9977 BT1

Spare parts

_G5A9850 BRUSHES 150x20x16 mm
_G5A9888 SWITCHES (109A)

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