Bench Grinders

Heavy-duty line in cast iron

These machines, projected for continuous and intense use in industry, absorb and reduce the already low vibrations due to their weight and guaranteeing raised precision. The motors are constructed in low leakage German magnetic steel for higher production in any work situation. The grinding wheel clamp flanges are machined to guarantee a maximum parallelism during the coupling with abrasive wheels. Diameters and thickness of the flanges are superior to EC reference Norms.

Sheet plate of different thicknesses are used for the chain guard:

2.5mm for 150mm diameters

3.0mm for 200mm and 250mm diameters

3.5mm for 300mm diameters

8.0* for 400mm diameters

* (10mm grinding wheel side, 8mm diameter and 6mm on the external)

On all machines in this category an optional low tension (24 V) power box  is available.

Available on request: high quality inverter speed control and progressive brake made in Japan.

The items: