With Induction motor

Induction motor develops a fixed and constant (about 3000 rev/min) number of revolutions and needs a gear reducer in order to offer all the necessary couple. It is characterised by a total absence of maintenance in that no brushes or carbon items shall be replaced. It is available with one or two speeds and it is the ideal value for intensive use, for anyone who looks for an endless machine. Nebes was founded more than fifty years ago as manufacturer of induction motors and developed in time a deep knowledge reaching the conception and assembly of high performance and compact motors.

The items:

Item Power Cutting Sp. RPM Blade
TM275 CD+R 750/975 W 46/92 2450 mm
TM177 Lubri 550 W 70 1735 mm
TM210 Single-phase 450/600 W 41/82 2080 mm
TM210 Three-phase 600/900 W 41/82 2080 mm
TM275 CD 750/975 W 49/92 2450 mm
TM275 Three-phase 750/975 W 46/92 2450 mm
TM300 1200 W 38+76 2965 mm
TM310 1200 W 38+76 2965 mm