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_G5A9970 Spare Slades:
2965 x 27 x0,9 cm
Suggesting for all those hoe are looking for a very hight professional band saws for intensive working and heavy carpentery work on any materials. This machine are the same feauters of the TM300 plus the hydraulics vise and automatic cutting cycle: 1) vise closing and start blade 2) Speed start system 3) Set up system for cutting 4)
  • Induzione
  • Garanzia 1 anno
  • Riduzione del rumore
  • Cast iron structure
  • Adjustable cutting angle rancing from 0° to 60° left and from 0° to 45° right.
  • Fast stopping for position 0° – 45° – 60° left and from 0° to 45°  right
  • Cast and iron over dimension piece blocking vice and base
  • Fast moviment thanks to unblocking vise system
  • Trasportable vise for left ant right cuttings
  • Electric pump for blade lubrification and refrigeration
  • Blade guide blocks made of hard metal for an extreme precision and unlimited duration
  • Induction motor 2 speeds
  • Pressure gauge for the tightening of the blade
  • Modificable stop bar and brush for the cleaning of the blade
  • Remove fluid collecting tank
  • Bearing turn system for the rotation with 2 fingers
  • Three phase 400 volt
  • Hydraulical control unit for the vise control and descent cylinder of the arc
  • Control pannel of large dimension for the electrical absorption

Cutting Capacity

45° 60° -45°
Ø 260 mm Ø 240 mm Ø 160 mm Ø 190 mm
255×255 mm 215×215 mm 130×130 mm 190×190 mm
295×230 mm 225×215 mm 160×130 mm 190×190 mm

Technical information

Art. Hp* W* Volt cutting speed m/sec Blade size mm Max ap. weight packaging cm
TM 300  1,6 – 3~ 1200 400 38+76 2965x27x0,9 300 330 170x75x150

Guides and Manuals

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ru-rulliera RU1 – ROLLER STAND 1m
ru1-2appoggio 2° FEET


Spare parts

_G5A9970 Spare Slades:
2965 x 27 x0,9 cm

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