Do I have to use the machine in the same place?

Answering no to question 1 we delimit the range of our choose on transportable and semi-transportable band saw and we leave the machines over 50 kg in weight.

What diameter should I cut? Which materials do I have to cut?

It is important to identify what is the appropriate machine to the maximum diameter that will be     cut, as well as the maximum cutting angle of the arc (45° or 60°).

Excluding the model TM101, Nebes has chosen to equip all machines cut to 60°.

Keep in mind that if you choose a machine that can cut 150 mm means that the 150 mm cut off a few times.

We must always keep an adequate operating margin of safety because the machine can cut the maximum diameter but, as for a car that can reach 180 km/hours, it is not recommended to drive it at peak speed always.

Then, once defined the machine with the ability to cut properly we must ask ourselves if we cut different types of material, in which case we will choose a machine with variable speed or at least two speeds.

How many hours do I have to cut?

Last but not least is important to identify the maximum number of hours that we’re going to use our machine. Induction motors are recommended for all industrial uses and higher intensity to 2/3 cutting hours a day. The permanent magnet motor with inverter technology, are recommended in all other cases


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