Bench Polisher

Industrial aluminum Line

This second line of Nebes’ bench polisher is build for industrial usage. As well as the Special Line, a bimetallic thermal guard inserted internally in the copper coiling, constantly protects the motor and saves it from eventual overload guaranteeing a virtually unlimited life. All the motors are made of hi-efficiency German magnetic steels offering higher power for intensive usage.

The items:

Item Power Spazzola ø
PEA-10 750 W 200x25x20 mm
PEA-9 375 W 150x20x16 mm
PEA-2 750 W 200x25x20 mm
PEA-1 375 W 150x20x16 mm
PE-10 750 W 200x25x20 mm
PE-9 375 W 150x20x16 mm
PE-2 750 W 200x25x20 mm
PE-1 375 W 150x20x16 mm