Bench Polisher

Heavy-duty line in cast iron


These machines, projected for continuous and intense use in industry, are guaranteed to obtain maximum longevity without maintenance. The motors are manufactured with low dispersion German magnetic steel for higher production in any work situation: for this reason we are the only one in the word who can grant 10 years warranty on these tools.


The most strong line of polishers for industrial applications: a powerful  industrial polisher over a 50 kg stand  equipped with an  Italian dust extractor. Precisely what you need for a clean workshop.

PS: Brushes not included

The items:

Item Power Spazzola ø
PA-10 750 W 20025x20 mm
PA-9 375 W 150x20x16 mm
PA-8 4400 W 300x35x25/30 mm
PA-7 3400 W 300x35x25/30 mm
PA-6 2200 W 300x35x25 mm
PA-5 1800 W 300x35x25 mm
PA-4 1500 W 250x25x25 mm
PA-3 – inverter 1100 W 250x25x25 mm
PA-3 1100 W 250x25x25 mm
PA-2 750 W 200x25x20 mm
PA-1 375 W 150x20x16 mm
P-10 750 W 200x25x20 mm
P-9 375 W 150x20x16 mm
P-8 4400 W 300x35x25/30 mm
P-7 3400 W 300x35x25/30 mm
P-6 2200 W 300x35x25 mm
P-5 1800 W 300x35x25 mm
P-4 1500 W 250x25x25 mm
P-3 1100 W 250x25x25 mm
P-2 750 W 200x25x20 mm
P-1 375 W 150x20x16 mm